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Cupers Cove to Salmon Cove
Into the Interior
“The earth is excellent good”
The Height of Land and Beyond
“Faire woodes and great Champion ground”
On to Trinity Bay
Mount Eagle Bay
Crout’s Way Today

Since the route was reestablished in the fall of 1997, the Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation has been developing Crout’s Way as a hiking trail providing an historic link between Conception and Trinity Bays. The part of the trail between Drogheda and Hopeall has been cleared and marked, some signage has been erected and some basic improvements have been made. However, since the beginning, it has been our intention to leave as little mark on the landscape as possible so that anyone who chooses to retrace the route of these early explorers will have a true wilderness experience. To walk the entire trail takes about two days and it is definitely intended for the experienced hiker.

Images (from left to right, top to bottom) 1. Denny’s Pond with Trinity Bay in the distance. 2. On the barrens east of the Grassy Gullies.