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Learn more about the Baccalieu Trail. Click on Anderson's Cove, Cupids, Dildo Island, New Perlican, Russell's Point or Winterton to learn more about the history and archaeology of these places. Click on Crout's Way to learn more about the trail cut from Cupids in Conception Bay to Hopeall in Trinity Bay in September of 1612.
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The Baccalieu Trail Region of Newfoundland and Labrador consists of approximately 70 communities stretched out along 240 km (150 miles) of coastline on a peninsula that forms the north side of Conception Bay and the south side of Trinity Bay on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. It is a region with a long and a rich history and heritage. Some of the oldest European settlements in North America were established here including Cupids, established in 1610; the Bristol's Hope Plantation established at Harbour Grace by 1618; and Carbonear settled by at least 1631. Archaeological research conducted in the region over the past thirty-five years is also revealing a rich history of aboriginal occupation extending back over 4000 years.

Since 1994 the Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation (BTHC) has been conducting an ongoing program of archaeological survey, excavation and interpretation in the region. In that time the BTHC's archaeological crew, under the direction of William Gilbert, has discovered and conducted excavations at a number of important sites.You can learn more about these sites by clicking on the map above.

Images to the right (top to bottom) 1.Taking the boat to Dildo Island. 2.View of Harbour Grace, June 2003. 3.View of Dildo Pond from Russell's Point.
Taking the boat to Dildo IslandView of Harbour Grace, June 2003 Click here for the Journal of Henry Crout Click here for the Indeavour Journal

Click here to learn more about Winterton Click here to learn more about New Perlican Click here to learn more about Andersons Cove Click here to learn more about Dildo Island Click here to learn more about Russells Point Click here to learn more about Cupids Click here to learn more about Crouts Way