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Spectacle Head

Spectacle Head

Spectacle Head is a high promontory on the north side of the entrance to Cupids Harbour. The name goes back to at least 1613. On January 25 of that year Henry Crout recorded that "this daie was ... the harbour so farr as the Spectacles [frozen over] as also all the harbour from Salmon Cove unto the Spectacles was frozen".

This panorama shows the view from Spectacle Head going from northwest through east to southwest. To the northwest you can see the pastureland on the ridge between Cupids and Salmon Cove; to the north is Bay de Grave, Port De Grave and the north side of Conception Bay; to the east is the entrance to Bay de Grave and Cupids Harbour; and to the south is Cupids Harbour itself.

No one knows for sure when the stone cairn on top of Spectacle Head was erected. Some say it may have been a survey marker built by Captain James Cook when he mapped Newfoundland in the 1760s.

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