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Spectacle Head

Swile Rock Hill

"This morninge we departed out of Mounte Eagle Baye coasting towards the bottom of Trinitie Baye. Rowing all the day ... aboute 3 or 4 of the Clocke we entered with our Barke in[to] a sound some 4 myles and Right off the north side before the harbour's mouth [were] 3 fine Islands... . This night we anchored in this sound. This night verie faire weather, the wind at west untill morning [and] a little raine". Henry Crout's Diary, October 24, 1612

The first descriptions of Dildo Arm were written by John Guy and Henry Crout. On October 24, 1612 they sailed south from Hopeall (Mount Eagle Bay) and into the arm. They called it Savage Bay because they found their first evidence of the Beothuk there. They found a Beothuk camp at the bottom of the arm and named that place Savage Harbour. On October 26 they followed a Beothuk trail inland to Dildo Pond and found another Beothuk camp.

This panorama shows Dildo Arm from Swile Rock Hill on the eastern side of the arm. It goes from southeast through west to northeast. To the south is Dildo Pond. The arm stretches from southwest to northwest. Dildo Island and Ross's Island can be seen in the distance at the entrance to the arm.

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