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Spectacle Head

The Tote

"I think best to fish this year where we are and in spring settle 5 or 4 to build at new pernican. ... Seeing your desyre, and such is mine also, to settle near harts content, I hold this the best for us to live this winter at kobbys kove [Cupids] ... and Fit ... what boards I can for our building next spring ... [and] Furnish out a barke or a ship upon a Fishing voyage ... which may fish there at New Pernecan or Sugerloafe Cove near adjoining where is usually as good Fishing as is any in the land.". From letters written by Thomas Rowley to Sir Percival Willoughby between October 1619 and February 1620.

The earliest references to New Perlican come from the letters of Thomas Rowley. Rowley had been living at Cupers Cove in Newfoundland since at least 1612 and, during the fall and winter of 1619-1620, was making plans to establish his own plantation at New Pernecan, "near Harts Content" with "Sugarloafe Cove near adjoining".

This panorama shows New Perlican and the surrounding area from the hill called the "Tote". It goes from southeast through west to northeast. To the south is the ridge just west of Heart's Content known as the Mizzen; to the west are Vitter's Cove and New Perlican. The Sugar Loaf can be seen in the distance to the south just west of the observation deck.

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